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Poker regulators gave the green light to legal online poker in the Wolverine State, and some high-quality poker platforms have already joined the Michigan poker scene. These MI poker providers have excellent poker events, and their bonuses are equally impressive. Let’s find out more about Michigan online poker and how you can win big by playing in the Great Lakes State. 

Best Online Poker Sites

The Michigan online poker scene is off to a great start. Some of the best online poker sites have already launched their poker platforms in the state, and it’s fair to say that poker players are spoiled for choice.

Online poker giants like PokerStars and BetMGM Poker went live in Michigan in January and March 2021, respectively. As soon as they opened their doors to players, they started hosting enticing Sunday events. They also began organizing tournaments that suited different players and playing styles with cash prizes of $100,000 and more.

The most popular game with Michigan players is No-Limit Texas Hold’em, but these poker sites offer lots of other versions of the game, too, including the variant with limits. When you play at the best online poker sites, you can also choose from other poker alternatives such as:

  • Omaha
  • Five-Card Omaha
  • Razz
  • Five-Card Draw
  • 8-Game Mix
  • HORSE.

These poker platforms didn’t waste any time in coming up with lucrative bonus offers too. The best online poker sites in Michigan have everything from welcome bonus offers to poker rewards for their new and existing players. In other words, if you are a Michigan poker enthusiast, the best online poker sites have just what you need.

Online Poker in Michigan

As we said, online poker is legal in Michigan. The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) oversees the online poker scene in the Great Lakes State. It sets the rules and regulates the industry. We will mainly focus on PokerStars and BetMGM platforms.

PokerStars got the Michigan online poker license courtesy of its partnership with Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians tribe. It was the first online poker provider to launch in Michigan. The Stars Group MI poker operator started operating on January 29, 2021, and it uses its famous PokerStars platform.

BetMGM Poker was the second poker platform that got approval from Michigan regulators. It launched on March 22, 2021, after applying for a license with the MGM Grand casino in Detroit.

These are the only two poker sites that have a MI online poker license, and as such, they are your best options for a safe poker adventure. The fact that they are regulated by the MGCB is a guarantee that they are legitimate businesses. It also means that they would never risk jeopardizing or losing their poker licenses by defrauding you. If you are looking to play poker care-free, these licensed MI poker sites are your best options.

BetMGM Poker

BetMGM Poker launched in Michigan on March 22, 2021. The site didn’t waste any time introducing itself to Michigan players and immediately produced an enticing schedule of lucrative poker events. Its Sunday competitions have been a real hit with local poker enthusiasts right from the start. There were over 12,000 players in BetMGM’s first Sunday tournament on March 28, and that is indicative of an online poker platform that’s trying to be inclusive to players of all levels. Similarly, the first $100,000 guaranteed tournament at BetMGM, which culminated on April 11, was as exciting as players expected it to be. Choose this MI poker platform if you are looking for an enticing welcome bonus and if you want to play a lot of poker variants.


PokerStars went live in Michigan on January 29, 2021. It was the first legal online poker provider in the state. The Stars Group leading poker platform got its MGCB license courtesy of its partnership with the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians Gaming Authority. PokerStars is an excellent choice if you are looking for a poker platform that regularly hosts fantastic tournaments that come with sizable guarantees. It also has a wide range of satellite tournaments and freerolls that are excellent for poker players on a budget, harboring a desire to enter larger buy-in tournaments. PokerStars also has a range of enticing bonus offers, with a special focus on the first deposit promo.

MI Online Poker Pool

If you have ever played poker before, you will have no problem understanding how the MI online poker pool works. Even if you are new to poker, we guarantee that you will understand the concept pretty quickly.

In a nutshell, to take part in poker events, players need to pay entry fees. The combined entry fees from all players make up the poker prize pool. That makes poker different from other casino games.

In poker, the casino doesn’t give payouts to players who win. Instead, poker winners collect their winnings from the prize pool funds that all players have contributed to.

In 2019, online poker pool games became legal in Michigan. However, poker players in the Wolverine State had mixed feelings about the original 2019 gambling legislation. On the one hand, they welcomed it as it was great to finally play poker legally in the state and do it for real money. However, they were also aware that the MI online poker pool was never going to be large enough to be as lucrative as they wanted it to be.

The law stipulated that Michigan players could only play against poker enthusiasts located in the state but not against players from other states. Moreover, the bill didn’t say anything about multijurisdictional poker rooms, such as the ones Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey have agreed on. That meant that the poker pool in Michigan would always be much smaller than the interstate one, and the Michigan players would be the ones who would pay the price.

Will there be an interstate player pool?

Fortunately, there have been some updates to the original 2019 gambling legislation recently. It now seems like Michigan poker players could very soon be part of an interstate player pool and play against poker enthusiasts from New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada.

State Senate Bill 0991 opens the door for Michigan players to participate in multijurisdictional interstate poker pools. That’s great news for MI poker enthusiasts, as with a population of around 10 million, Michigan is not so well-positioned to create a sizable poker pool.

Also, don’t forget that of those 10 million, not all players are of legal age to gamble, and not all of those who gamble, play poker. The result is a rather small Michigan online poker pool.

If Michigan joined the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement, though, the situation would definitely change. If that happens, the Great Lakes State will join the trio of Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada, and they will all be able to pool players. In other words, Michigan players could soon play against poker enthusiasts from either of these three states and be part of a much larger interstate pool.

Why Michigan Online Poker

If you are a Michigan poker enthusiast, you should only go with licensed and regulated MI poker sites. Why do we hear, you ask? There are a lot of reasons why licensed poker platforms are your best bet when looking for a safe and reliable poker provider. Let’s look at some of them.

Legal and Safe

The poker platforms that have a license from the MGCB are legal and safe choices. When the MGCB decides whether to approve an online poker license or not, it takes several things into account. First, it looks at the performance record of the applicant. The poker provider must have a spotless track history to qualify for a Michigan poker license.

The next thing Michigan regulators look for is complaints from other poker players. If the poker provider has too many of those, it will find it hard to get a Michigan license. This regulatory requirement ensures that only platforms that provide top-notch service to their players get a Michigan gambling license.

Lastly, Michigan regulators ask poker providers to prove that they have the financial muscle to operate a demanding business such as that of an online poker operator. If the poker platform provides the necessary financial guarantees, it will get approval on its license application.

But why are these things important? Well, because they tell you the myriad of rules a poker platform has to comply with to get a Michigan license. If a poker provider has a spotless performance history, excellent rapport with players, and is financially stable, then it is a safe option for you too.


Michigan online poker sites have some of the best bonuses out there. You get MI poker bonuses when you first join a site, but you also get them at every step of your online poker adventure.

Michigan poker platforms have very enticing welcome bonuses that are tailor-made for their new poker players. These poker promos are there to make it easier for you to win big on your first try. They often double the money you deposit, meaning they also double your chances of winning.

However, welcome bonuses are not the only promos you get when you play at Michigan poker sites. Poker platforms in the Great Lakes State have tailor-made promotions for different types of players, and they credit them to both new and existing player accounts. In other words, poker enthusiasts can get a variety of cash rewards and free plays at every step of their poker adventure and not just when they join a new poker provider.

Payment methods

Michigan poker sites try to appeal to a large pool of poker players. To do this, they have to offer poker enthusiasts lots of perks, including a large number of player-friendly payment methods. Michigan poker providers boast a wide variety of banking options. These include:

  • Visa and MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • ACH / eCheck
  • Wire Transfers
  • Online Bank Transfer.

If you are an experienced poker player, know the importance of having a wide range of payment methods at your disposal. When there are a lot of banking options available, poker players can choose the ones that they are comfortable with. 

Flexible deposit and withdrawal limits are two other perks that MI poker sites offer. Not all poker players are the same, and some prefer lower/higher deposits than others. To be able to meet their staking needs, Michigan poker sites must have a wide variety of banking options. The poker sites that the MGCB has licensed always offer a wide range of payment options, and they tend to meet the needs of different types of players.

In other words, if you are a budget poker player, Michigan poker sites will have the payment methods that suit your playing style. Similarly, if you are a high-roller, online poker provider in the Wolverine State will have you covered. Pretty neat, right?

Selection of Games

Michigan poker providers have a wide variety of poker games that their patrons can choose from and play. These include poker variants that MI players know and love and which have been popular in the state for ages. However, the MI poker offering is not only limited to games that are traditionally popular with Wolverine State players, and it also includes all other poker variants out there.

When you join MI poker platforms, you can play the Michigan player-favorite No-Limit Texas Hold’em. However, you can play tons of other poker variants too. These include poker variations like Omaha, Five-Card Omaha, Razz, Five-Card Draw, and lots of other exciting poker games. Michigan poker providers have the best collections of poker games online. All you have to do to play them is to be of legal gambling age, download their apps, and be in the state while doing that.

MI Online Poker vs. Offshore

Michigan players had to wait for a long time before they could play online poker legally. Now that they can finally do that, they do not need to go to offshore sites to play online poker anymore. Surprisingly, though, there are still some players who go to offshore poker providers to play their favorite game. Here are three crucial reasons why they should stop doing that and why they should only play at Michigan online poker sites.

Offshore Sites are Illegal for Michigan Players.

The most important reason why Michigan players should stick to poker providers closer to home is the fact that offshore poker sites are illegal. Federal law says that Michigan players can only play at poker platforms licensed by the MGCB. As you can imagine, offshore poker operators are not licensed by the Michigan regulator. As such, they are off-limits for Wolverine State players. Those Michigan poker enthusiasts that are joining them are breaking the law.

Bad Payments are Common at Offshore Sites

It is not uncommon for offshore poker sites to block your account when you ask for a withdrawal. In these cases, you have to go to the regulator that approved the operator’s license and lodge a complaint there.

Unfortunately, some of these operators are licensed by offshore regulators that don’t care much about Michigan players. That means that the regulator might ignore your complaint and do nothing about it. When something like this happens, you don’t have much choice but to give up on your winnings.

It is worth pointing out that the MGCB would never do anything like this and neither would a poker provider licensed by it. Michigan poker operators have too much to lose if they deceive their players, and the MGCB would never tolerate fraudulent poker platforms.

Offshore Sites Come with Dubious Credentials

As we already mentioned, offshore poker sites are illegal for Michigan players. However, even if they were legal, we would still not recommend that you go and play there.

We say this for two reasons. First, offshore poker providers have no legal obligation to protect the rights of Michigan players. US players are not allowed to gamble outside the US, and that means that offshore regulators cannot protect Michigan players’ rights even if they wanted to.

The legitimacy of some of the offshore regulators is another reason why you should avoid playing there. There are gambling authorities out there who regulate all poker providers that apply for a license. These poker regulators care more about the volume of sites they license than about the players who play there and whether they get the service they deserve.

Michigan Online Poker – How To Play Online Poker in Michigan?

If you are an avid casino player or online bettor, you will have no problems playing online poker in Michigan. The process is basically the same as when you gamble or bet online, and it involves the same steps. Here’s how you can play online poker in Michigan in four simple steps.

Step 1: Choose Your MI Poker Site

The first thing you need to do is to choose your ideal online poker platform. Currently, there are two options in Michigan, and whichever one you choose, you won’t make a mistake. Both PokerStars and BetMGM Poker are decent alternatives, and they come with their unique perks.

Step 2: Download the Poker App

Now that you have chosen your ideal poker platform, it is time to download the app. To do this, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store and find the online poker app there. Alternatively, you can download the app by going to the respective Michigan poker site.

Step 3: Register

The next thing to do is to register at the online poker site. To do this, find the button that says Join/Sign Up/Register and click on it. Once you do that, the registration window will pop up, and the poker provider will guide you through the entire process. In this step, you will be asked to enter some personal information such as your name, phone number, email address, and social security number. The poker site collects these pieces of information to comply with federal legislation and to protect its players.

Step 4: Start Playing

Now that you have the poker app and you have registered an account, you can start playing. However, before you do that, keep in mind that you need to be in the state of Michigan. MI poker sites use geolocation software to determine your location. If you are not in Michigan when trying to play online poker, your device’s GPS will note that, and you won’t be able to play your favorite game in the Great Lakes State.

Michigan Online Poker – FAQ

1. Can I play poker online in Michigan?

– Yes, you can. Online poker is legal in Michigan. All you have to do to play is to be 21 years or older and to be located in the state of Michigan.

2. Can I play at PokerStars in Michigan?

– Yes, you can. PokerStars was the first online poker platform to launch in Michigan and was also the first licensed online poker provider in the state. If you are a MI player, it’s perfectly legal to play at PokerStars.

3. Can you play poker with other people in Michigan?

– Yes, you can. Playing online poker against other players located in Michigan is entirely legal. As long as you are 21 years or older and are located in Michigan, you will be perfectly alright when you access the online poker site.

4. What poker sites are in Michigan?

– You can choose between two poker platforms: PokerStars, and BetMGM Poker. They are both licensed by the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB).

5. Can I play against players from other US states?

– Unfortunately, you cannot participate in interstate poker pools. Under current legislation, Michigan players can only play against poker enthusiasts from the same state. However, this legislation might change in the future as Michigan has already passed a bill that opens the way for multijurisdictional poker pools.

6. Can I play online poker if I am not in Michigan?

– You can only access Michigan online poker platforms if you are physically located in the state yourself. Michigan residents who are not in the state when they try to play MI online poker won’t be able to do so.

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